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It is the mission of the company to become one of the biggest suppliers of medical instruments. JADE INSTRUMENTS is expanding its activities further into the manufacturing, import, export and distribution of ICU Electric bed and Surgical Light.

 We cover all sectors of the trade from agriculture and farming through food production, distribution, marketing and sales. We are a unique resource dedicated to exploring all activities involving the production, processing and consumption of food.

Our experts will help you find the best way to pack your products to make them ready for sales and export. 

JADE INSTRUMENTS is pleased to present its line of Test and Calibration instruments, for evaluating a wide range of Meteorological, Hydrological and Environmental sensors. The set of instruments will be particularly suited to universities and research institutes; met, hydromet and environmental organizations; and manufacturers of sensors for environmental monitoring systems. These instruments include: Wind Tunnel, Pressure Chamber, Compact Pressure Chamber, Humidity Test Cabinet, Rain Gauge Test Equipment, Temperature Test Chamber and Thermometer Test Bath.

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We have determined to offer comprehensive services to our customers in all Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Industries and prospects during budgeting and procuring of projects. Our services comprise all processes of purchasing such as budgeting and procurements for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical projects. All affairs have been done with the benefit of skilled staff in commercial and technical services.

mechanical components that use kinetic energy to move fluids, gases, and other process materials. These include, but are not limited to, engines, compressors, turbines, pumps, generators, blowers, and gearboxes.  Static equipment like, pressure vessels, heat exchanges, piping, storage tanks, valves, pressure relieving devices, boilers, furnaces/heaters and structures. On the other hand, fixed equipment does not include things such as pumps, compressors, turbines, electrical equipment, or instrumentation (I&E)

Choose what you want to do, We will select your proper production line, We do the math and we buy it for you. We stay at your side till commissioning of your machines and 10 years after.

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